27 Solitaire Games Privacy Policy

What information does dogMelon collect?

We send small amounts of data to our server, keeping track of which parts of the game you have gone to. We use this to determine which features are most important to our users, so we know what we should focus on for future versions.

We do not collect anything allowing us to uniquely identy you - we don't collect any information on your email address, phone number, postal address or any other personally identifiable information.

If authorized by you, we may access your facebook profile information (when playing the Dailysol mode inside 27 Solitaire Games) This is only used to display your name and profile picture in the app, and is NOT collected by Dogmelon.

We collect your score in various solitaire games, so that we can show your scores to you and other DailySol users, within the game and on our website.

If you would like your DailySol results to be deleted, please email support@dogmelon.com.au with a subject line of "Delete DailySol Data"

Does Dogmelon share the information?

No, the information we collect is not sold or given to anyone, or viewed by anyone outside of Dogmelon.